Take half of your dog’s regular meal and mix it with some tasty treats or grate some freeze-dried liver on it. Refrigerate and use this for training. Favorite tasty treats 
may include turkey franks, low-fat string cheese, bits of chicken or roast beef, kong tots or natural balance dog food rolls.

You might also try puppy trail mix and itty-bitty liverwurst sandwiches by September Morn. Visit her webpage to see some nice training games including “Go Wild and Freeze”, her famous “settle down” game, link 

2 Cups high-quality dry dogfood,
1 Cup high-quality dry catfood, 
1/2 Cup unsweetened dry breakfast cereal (O's, flakes, puffs, or waffle types)
1/4 Cup of your dog's favorite "tasty" treats (broken into pieces same size as the dry dogfood). 
Combine these ingredients and store in a covered container overnight. All the food in the container will take on the flavor of the tastiest ingredients.

1. Lightly toast two slices of bread, so they're warm and slightly stiffer 
than fresh bread but not hard or crunchy. 
2. *Very* thinly smear one slice with liverwurst -- you won't need more than 
one teaspoon, because the warm toast will soften the liverwurst to "almost 
liquid" and make it easy to apply.
3. Scrape off any excess liverwurst. (You should be able to see the toast 
through the liverwurst.)
4. Put the other slice of toast on top to make a sandwich, then press the 
sandwich as flat as you possibly can.
5. Cut the thinly pressed sandwich into 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch square pieces.

Refrigerate or freeze any unused portion of these treats. They freeze very 
well, btw, and defrost without becoming at all gooey or messy. They defrost very 

quickly but can also be used while still partially frozen.