Training your dog isn't just good, it can be fun, too!  

Dog Sport Courses (such as Introduction to Agility and Nose Work) are great for promoting a trusting relationship between dog and owner.  

While classes like Agility can be very useful in alleviating fears in dogs prone to timidity, they are also very useful in keeping any dog's mind in sync with their owner and stimulated (and let's face it, being a dog can be less than stimulating at times!).

We recommend either Introduction to Agility or Nose Work for owners looking for Dog Sports Courses!

Introduction to Agility

(Excerpt from article about agility by Sue Sternberg)

Included in agility training is every basic training skill minus walking nicely on a leash. In fact, agility training is all about off-lead control, recalls, sits, downs, stays, attention and leadership. Every important behavior is embedded within an agility class. Plus, as an added bonus, agility teaches dogs to respond to their handlers:

- During arousal and excitement  

- On-leash or off-leash

- In the company of other dogs  

And agility offers:

- Physical as well as mental stimulation and exercise  

- The handler's ongoing pursuit of attaining clearer and timelier non-verbal cues

- A concentrated forum for practicing gentle, non-confrontational leadership skills, as dogs cannot do agility without following the cues from their handlers.


Nose Work

This exciting sport develops a dog's natural scenting abilities to search and locate hidden odors, just like police detection dogs - except we don't use drugs!  In addition to being fun, this class builds your dog's confidence and strengthens their focus while amazing you with their talent.  This mentally challenging sport is perfect for ALL types of canines, regardless of breed, age, or physical condition.