Greeting Friendly Strangers

Preparing for Seminar

First part of two part video covers greeting a friendly stranger(test item #1), sitting politely for petting(#2), appearance and grooming(#3), and out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)(#4). The beginning steps of a loose leash walking is shown. Many dogs lunge at other dogs because they are afraid.

Students at Chicago Canis Sapiens are practicing the levels to get ready for the October 2008 Sue Ailsby seminar. First dog (labradoodle) demonstrated level 1. Second and third dogs (mixed breeds) demonstrated level 2. Third dog (golden) is practicing level 3. Fourth dog is working on Level 4.

Puppy on Teeter-Totter

Doggy with Spots - CUTE! 

We do a minimal amount of editing so you can see what we do when things aren't working. We try to stop relatively quickly when we realize things aren't working and try something a little easier or a different approach so the dog can succeed.

This is the second of a two part video with students practicing the canine good citizen test. Sit and down on command and staying in place(test item #6), and coming when called(#7) are demonstrated. Different methods of teaching stay are shown including the 300 peck method (counting mississippi) of fading the number of treats used.