Puppy Kindergarten


Puppy Kindergarten


8 week course (you can start anytime, you can make up missed classes). 

The most important class your puppy will ever attend!

We introduce basic obedience skills including: 

  • coming when called
  • greeting without jumping
  • leave it
  • leash walking

We also discuss puppy challenges such as house training, nipping, and more!  Puppies benefit from intensive socialization by positively interacting with a variety of people, dogs, and novel equipment.   

Puppies should be 7-20 weeks old at the start of class.

8 weeks - $160  [NOTE: puppies are allowed to remain in class until they are 6 months old, even if this includes classes beyond the 8 weeks that are included in the $160 fee]

Classes to be completed within a 4 month period from sign-up date (unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case we are happy to extend this period).

Offered Saturdays 2:30pm-3:30pm


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