Our classes normally meet in the basement of St. Paul and the Redeemer, located at 4945 S. Dorchester Avenue in Hyde Park (Chicago, Illinois). Due to church construction, however, "Puppy Kindergarten" and "Introduction to Reward-Based Dog Training" will temporarily meet on the church grounds. "Puppy First Grade" will be meeting in the park at 50th and Dorchester. "Outdoor Manners" will be meeting on the north lawn of the Museum of Science and Industry. "Agility" classes will be moving to Jackson Bark or another tennis court in that area (behind the Museum of Science and Industry). Note that classes are now somewhat reliant on good weather, so please check your email before class if the weather is questionable.

Our dog training classes are designed to accommodate your needs.  Many of our courses are ongoing and you can join at any time.  This means weekly attendance, although recommended, is not mandatory; if you miss a week or two, you can come back and pick it up exactly from where you stopped, without falling behind. Advancement to the next level is based on completion of a task sheet.  We are here to provide you and your dog with quality instruction in a flexible, supportive and low pressure learning environment.


Puppy Kindergarten

We think this is the most important class your puppy will ever attend!  We introduce basic obedience skills including coming when called, greeting without jumping, leave it, and leash walking.  We also discuss puppy challenges such as house training, nipping, and more!  Puppies benefit from intensive socialization by positively interacting with a variety of people, dogs, and novel equipment.   

Puppies should be 7-20 weeks old at the start of class. 

Saturdays 2:30-3:30pm.

$160 for 8-week course.

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Puppy First Grade

Is your puppy no longer just a puppy but instead has grown into an adolescent puppy?  Congratulations!  And ... hang in there!  At this age, training remains vitally important to ensuring your puppy grows into a well-trained and content dog.  Dogs at this age are highly excitable and their self-control is only beginning to develop.  At this age, we strongly recommend enrolling your dog in Puppy First Grade.  We work outdoors to strengthen your dog's obedience skills in a more challenging, real-life environment.  These skills include loose leash walking, coming when distracted and "leave it" exercises.  Additionally, we will begin to work towards your Canine Good Citizen title.  This AKC certification is the first step towards becoming a therapy dog and allows your to show off your dog's good manners.  This class is for dogs 6 months or older that have completed an introductory training class.

Sundays 11:00am-12:00pm

$160 for 8-week course.

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Introduction to Reward-Based Training

Perfect for older puppies and newly rescued dogs!  In addition to 10 basic obedience behaviors, we also teach your dog to pay attention to you and politely greet strangers.  We limit the class size so, if needed, we can help with your pup's special problems, such as:

  • being uncomfortable around some dogs
  • being uncomfortable around some people
  • separation anxiety
  • the inability to relax

This class is for all dogs over 5 months old. 

Saturdays 1:30-2:30pm.

$160 for 8-week course.  (Start anytime and make-up any missed classes within a 4 month period starting at your sign up date, unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case we are happy to extend this period.)

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Dogs and Humans agree that Agility Class is very fun but it also is a great place to work on off-leash control in an environment full of distractions. Once you have the basics of obedience down, you are ready to enroll in our Agility class. This class is also great for building confidence in dogs that are less than enthusiastic about tackling agility obstacles.  You can continue your agility training by practicing new courses and handling techniques each week.

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15am (meets at Jackson Bark) 

Wednesday 9:30-10:30am (meets at Jackson Bark)

$150 for 6-week course.

{Classes currently meeting on a week-by-week schedule, due to church construction. Please contact us for more information}

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Canine Good Citizen and Introduction to Agility Equipment

This class will prepare your dog to take (and pass!) the Canine Good Citizen Test (which is written by the American Kennel Club, an explanation of which can be found here).  Your dog will also be introduced to the equipment used in our Agility courses and gain familiarity with the Agility obstacles.

Temporarily Not Taking New Dogs

$160 for 8-week course.

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K9 Nose Work® 

This new and exciting sport develops a dog's natural scenting abilities to search and locate hidden odors, just like police detection dogs - except we don't use drugs!  In addition to being fun, this class builds your dog's confidence and strengthens their focus while amazing you with their talent.  This mentally challenging sport is perfect for ALL types of canines, regardless of breed, age, or physical condition.

Please email for availability, class dates and times.

$150 for 6-week course. (Specific start dates - see Calendar.)

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Pup Crawl

Do you need help with your dog at YOUR house or in YOUR neighborhood?  In Pup Crawl, class members (human only) visit each other's homes or neighborhood to work on the challenges you are experiencing there. These could include barking at people who walk past your yard, problems when guests visit including jumping on guests, begging from guests at the table, barking or pawing guests if they do not give your dog non-stop attention or threatening every new person who visits your home. Perhaps your dog exhibits undesirable behavior on walks when you see skateboards, suitcases, children or men! Whether your dog is too friendly or not friendly enough, all are welcome in this class. This is a great compromise between group classes and private lessons that will provide in-home training that is focused on your individual needs.

Class is restricted to people who can meet in the Hyde Park area.

Dates and Times based on your needs.

$100 for 4-week course

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Outdoor Manners

Frustrated by your dog's outdoor manners?  Does your dog dash after squirrels, pull to other dogs, or eat garbage?  Does your dog bark at dogs, people, bikes, skateboards, or trucks?  This outdoor manners class is for you! 

Sundays 12:15pm-1:15pm

$160 for 8-week course. (Start anytime and make-up any missed classes within a 4 month period starting at your sign up date, unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case we are happy to extend this period.)

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In Private Lessons your dog can work on:

  • learning basic obedience 
  • walking on a loose leash instead of pulling
  • greeting visitors politely in the home
  • walking past other dogs calmly
  • learning new behaviors to replace attention seeking behaviors like barking, pawing and nipping
  • being calm instead of anxious or fearful

Private Lessons

Sometimes dogs need one-on-one attention from a trainer.  We provide Private Lessons in your home or neighborhood. Private Lessons can be arranged when it is convenient for you.


Hour-Long Private Lesson: $75.00 (To sign up, click here.)

4 Hour-Long Private Lesson Package: $276.00 (To sign up, click here.)

2.5 Hour Private Lesson Package: $185.00 (to be used in up to 4 Lessons) [NOTE: the 2.5 Hour Private Lesson Package is ideally for dogs with ONE behavioral issue that needs specific attention (for example, a dog that pulls on the leash during walks or barks when friends come to the house, etc.  For dogs with multiple issues, sign up for one of our other Private Lesson Classes.).]  (To sign up, click here.)


Our Rates: While our rates are slightly lower than the average rate for Private Lessons, we understand that Private Lessons can still make a dent in your pocketbook.  We try to be considerate of the needs of our clients and hope that among the various services provided by Canis Sapiens you are able to find one that fits your dog's needs as well as the limits of your budget.

Skype Private Lessons

We also provide Skype Lessons for those people who are not Hyde Park locals or who are looking for all the benefits of a private trainer without the inconvenience of leaving your home!

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