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Puppy First Grade

Is your puppy no longer just a puppy but instead has grown into an adolescent puppy?  Congratulations!  And ... hang in there!  At this age, training remains vitally important to ensuring a well-trained and content dog for the future.  Dogs at this age are highly excitable and their self-control is only beginning to develop.  At this age, we strongly recommend enrolling your dog in Puppy First Grade.  In this class we will practice polite play and coming when distracted.  We will continue to work on loose-leash walking and "leave it" exercises.  We will use Sue Ailsby's Levels book and/or Canine Good Citizen items for class work.  We will also take time to work on particular problems that come up now that you are going to have a teenaged dog.

Earlier Event: August 13
Intro to Agility